5 week


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What Will Your Child Learn?



-Silhouette art

-Skies and sunsets

-Shading and texture

-Shapes, patterns, and abstract

-Trees, flowers, and other foliage techniques


What Comes In Their Kit?

-Artpad (w/pencils, erasers, etc)


-5 paint brushes

-Paint palette

-Palette knife

-Sponge tool

-Multiple colors

-2 blank canvas

-4 pre-drawn canvases

-Napkins and water cup for clean-up

-5 virtual 1on1 classes taught over ZOOM

Prices & Packages:

Beginners Kids:

8x10 Canvases / Easy-Moderate Paintings

       -$99.99      {Multiple children = $65/child}


Advanced Kids:

16x20 Canvases / Moderate-Difficult Paintings

       -$139.99.   {Multiple children = $99/child}


Beginners Adults:

8x10 Canvases / Easy-Moderate Paintings



Advanced Adults:

16x20 Canvases / Moderate-Difficult Paintings


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