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Course Outline

In this 5 week course, we will focus on a variety of different acrylic painting techniques and paint 5 beautiful but challenging masterpieces. On top of acrylic painting techniques, learners will also learn about basic composition, lighting, and other techniques. 


Curriculum Goals:

  1. Get comfortable using paint on canvas.

  2. Learn and apply various acrylic techniques such as blending, dabbing, etc.

  3. Understanding light, perspective, and direction; while applying them to their painting.

  4. Use your imagination.


What's In The Box!!?

  • Notepad

  • Artpad (w/pencils, erasers, etc)

  • 5 paint brushes

  • Paint palette

  • Palette knife

  • Sponge tool

  • Multiple paint colors

  • 5 pre-drawn canvases

  • 1 blank canvas

  • Napkins and water jar for clean-up



Behavior Expectations:

1. Students should arrive to live sessions on time and be ready to learn.

2. Students should stay focused on the teacher’s lesson and activity, and stay off of other websites during class time.

3. Students should have a place to work that is conducive to learning and free from distractions.

4. Students should stay organized and keep up with daily tasks by using a planner, digital organizer, or any systems embedded in your LMS (like the to-do section in Google Classroom).

5. Students should use chat or microphone tools appropriately by only making relevant comments when asked.

6. If students will be on camera, students should be dressed appropriately. 

7. If microphones will be on, try to find a location or room with limited background noise.

8. When writing messages to your teachers or classmates, avoid texting language and abbreviations. Use full sentences whenever possible.

9. When interacting with or providing feedback to peers, use kind words and constructive criticism.




A little something about your teacher:

Dametrii. Nelson aka Mr. Meech started drawing at the early age of 5 with Pokémon, and Dragon ball z pictures. He would begin to use his talent professionally around the age of 23. From graphic design to acrylics on canvas, he dove into his craft head first learning first hand with every mistake and advancement. Now owning his own business (ArtByMeech LLC), he's decided to use his talents and creativity as a tool to help spread his message and spark the next creative mind. His mission is to create, as well as provide an opportunity, and community for artists young and old to learn how to build a lifestyle using their own creativity. 

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