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Our Services

Providing All Of Your Creative Needs

Interior/Exterior Murals

Elevate your space with our custom murals that transform both interiors and exteriors into vibrant, captivating works of art. Perfect for homeowners seeking personalized touches, small businesses looking to attract attention and build brand identity, and corporations aiming to inspire creativity and enhance their workplace aesthetics.

$12-18/ Square Foot

Paint & Sip Parties

Our paint and sip events blend creativity and social engagement, offering memorable experiences for everyone. Ideal for team-building activities, customer engagement events for small businesses, and unique entertainment for private gatherings, these sessions foster connections and leave lasting impressions. All materials provided, NO experience needed!

Starting at: $34.99/person

Live Painting

Bring your events to life with our live painting services. Watch as our talented artists create stunning pieces in real-time, adding an exciting, interactive element to any occasion. Perfect for corporate events, community gatherings, and private celebrations, live painting captivates audiences and creates unforgettable experiences.

$150/ Hour

*2 hour minimum


Nikki Lovett

We reached out to Metrii for an idea we had to design our basketball court. He drafted up a sample and everything was great. He came out to the house in the middle of a heat wave with his supplies and an umbrella and blew us away with the final project. We came up with an idea and he took it beyond what we could have ever envisioned. We still walk outside 9 months later and just smile at how awesome it looks. Look forward to when we upgrade the court and get a new design.
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